Medical Packet Arrives

I checked my mail last night and the long-awaited medical packet arrived. I was getting a little nervous about the timing though because I somewhat ambitiously had made a doctor’s appointment for the 17th before I even interviewed, knowing that it can take a couple of weeks before the doctor’s office has availability.

It doesn’t look as large or as intimidating as I thought it might – there is definitely a lot of online chatter out there from other applicants who are worried about the medical review.  However, I’m sure tracking down all of the tests and records will be quite a chore.  I’m just hoping I can get everything done in only a couple of visits – my office might notice if I’m going to the doctor every week!

I also lucked out in that my normal 6 month dental checkup is scheduled for the 16th, purely by chance, so I didn’t even have to make an extra phone call.  Now to call up my eye doctor and see if LASIK is in the cards before I leave.



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