More good news on the medical front. I just got back from my first doctor’s appointment where I had a full physical, blood taken for lab tests, and had my doctor sign off on a few forms. The big news is that my over-cautiousness last fall before my Peru/Ecuador trip really paid off. I already had all of the shots required by the Peace Corps – including Yellow Fever and Tetanus. Assuming everything is normal, all I need to do is wait until Tuesday for my blood work to come back. My doctor had filled out Peace Corps forms before and he seemed comfortable with all of the required information needed. Total cost of the copay and blood work was $350, of which Peace Corps will reimburse $125, so the total damage wasn’t too bad.

Next up is my eye doctor appointment tomorrow and then picking up my dental x-rays that were taken yesterday. Assuming everything is normal on my blood work, I’ll have finished all of the medical requirements less than a week from my first appointment! Could this be the fastest Peace Corps medical process of all time?



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