Eye Exam

The eye doctor visit was a smooth one as well. The paperwork was very short, and mostly concerned my glasses measurements in case I need to get new ones while serving. The best news though was that my prescription now has been stable for two years now, so now I am eligible for LASIK if I wish. I’m seriously considering it as Peace Corps doesn’t recommend contacts for a multitude of reasons (solution is hard to find, keeping contacts clean can be a problem, and I hear the dust is terrible especially in West Africa).

I then walked over to my dentist’s office (it’s nice that all of my health related services are within three blocks of each other) and picked up my x-rays. All that is left is to pick up my lab results on Tuesday and I will be officially done with the medical packet, assuming all of my tests are normal. It’s exciting to be almost done with all of the paperwork, but I think the next stage of the process will be harder because there won’t be anything to do but wait.



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