Medical Update

Wow, that was fast. I received a letter today requesting two items:

  1. Apparently my doctor didn’t put “MD” after one of his signatures, and I need him to re-sign
  2. I misread the polio booster information and missed the “after the age of 18” part. So I need to make an appointment to go get a shot.

And that’s it! I don’t even have to mail anything this time around. I just need to fax the paperwork as soon as I can get everything taken care of.

The big news here is that it looks as though I’ll clear the entire medical process in just another week or two! I’m not sure what that means though. As I’ve said before, this potentially could imply that I’ll be going earlier than my nomination date, or it could just mean that it’s time to sit and wait for awhile. Once I get cleared I’ll put a call into my PO and see if they have any additional information for me.



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