Another month of the application process has passed, and I’m progressing through the process quite nicely I think. I got my polio booster last Wednesday and faxed in the supporting documentation. My toolkit was updated the next day to indicate that the medical hold on my application was removed. Then, just yesterday, my toolkit was updated again to tell me that a “decision has been reached regarding your medical review. Please look for a letter in the mail.” I assume this means I’m medically cleared, but I guess I have to wait for the official letter in the mail, which I’ll hopefully receive this week.

Assuming I get medically cleared, the only item pending in my toolkit is the hold on my legal status, which has been in place for two weeks now. Hopefully the hold will be cleared soon, but I’m not sure how long the review usually takes.

I sadly haven’t made much progress towards my short-term goals I posted last month. Of my four goals (Rosetta Stone, French class, GMAT, and marathon training) the only thing I’ve made an effort to do is marathon training. I need get on my studying asap!



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