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I’m reviving the blog and hopefully still have some blog readers. You may be wondering why you haven’t heard from me in the last 6+ months. Simply put, I had LASIK way back in December and there were some complications. The corneal flap of my left eye was cut too thin, so instead of performing the procedure, they just put the flap back down. My only recourse was to wait for it to heal (3-4 months) and then try a second procedure called PRK to fix it. PRK is similar to LASIK, but instead of cutting a flap in your eye, the eye is reshaped by a laser scraping it directly from the outside.  There’s more pain post-surgery and a much longer recovery time (months versus days).  I had that procedure done in April and am now on the mend.  Because my vision was so terrible in the first place, my recovery time is longer than usual. For now my vision in my left eye is still fairly fuzzy, though better than it was when this whole ordeal started. Thankfully in the two and a half months since the procedure it has noticeably improved, but still has some ground to make up. Thankfully my reading glasses with prescription in one eye help a lot when I’m at work, and I get around pretty much normally otherwise.

With all of these months of delays I started thinking more about my future in (or not in) the Peace Corps. In fact, if you asked me just a few months ago if I thought I would still do it, I would likely have answered “no”. Unlike a typical PC applicant, I’ve been out of school for five years now and have made a good life for myself post-college. I love my friends and my adopted city of Washington DC, not to mention my condo and generally exceedingly comfortable life. Staying would certainly be easy.

But I would always regret not going. And while I know there are plenty of reasons not to go, I believe that this should be a priority in my life, and I should take it when I actually have the chance.

What does that mean going forward? Well, July 15th marks three months from my PRK surgery. I just need to send in a signed form from my eye-surgeon that the procedure went well and that I’m cleared to travel. Then there shouldn’t be anything in the way for PC to re-medically clear me. Once I’m cleared they can start to look at openings for me. My original nomination date was to leave this month, so I’ve obviously missed that one.

Most programs leave during the summer, so there are decidedly fewer options leaving in the October – March timeframe. And while I’ve done some research on what those are, there are too many options to start thinking about specifics yet. Hopefully I’ll be cleared and know more in a week or two.



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