3 Months Post-Surgery

Today marks three months to the day since I had my second eye surgery. Normally this wouldn’t be a terribly exciting anniversary, but for the PC it’s huge since they require a three month post-surgery wait to ensure applicants are all healed up. My eye-doctor just has to fill out a brief form indicating that the surgery was completed successfully and that there were no complications.  So I just have to get him to fill out this form and send it in and I should be medically cleared again!

Once I’m cleared, I can speak to a placement officer about my options.  I know there aren’t too many non-Spanish speaking business programs leaving this year (most programs depart in the summer), so I’m crossing my fingers that there is still some availability.  Based on my research, here are the remaining programs that I’m eligible for departing in 2010 (ordered from leaving soonest to latest):

  1. Vanuatu
  2. Morocco
  3. Cameroon
  4. Togo
  5. Ukraine
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Tonga
  8. Kenya*
  9. Lesotho*

*Specific staging dates have not been announced.

I’m cutting it pretty tight for the first six on that list, as they all depart in September. The PC typically won’t invite you to a group that is departing in less than six weeks. So if I’m going to be sent to Vanuatu for example, I’ll likely have to be invited within the next 15 days. Though I’ve seen the six week rule broken on occasion.

There are six additional countries that have business volunteers that historically depart in Feb/Mar 2011, so they will be in play in case I miss out on a 2010 departure.  They are: Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal, and Uganda.

I’m just excited to have some progress again!



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