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Today I received another email from the placement office, this time asking for an update on my French progress. I’ve been somewhat dreading this update as I am not proud of my French studies.  Since my nomination, I have:

  1. Completed level I of Rosetta Stone for French
  2. Signed up and took a few formal classes at The Graduate School here in DC

Now, I have some pretty good reasons for this, first and foremost being my job. I work extensive and unpredictable hours (for example I was in the office from 8am – 11pm yesterday) and occasionally travel for client engagements, so trying to get to class at 6pm each Wednesday proved near impossible.  Also, once I missed my original nomination due to my eye surgery, I wasn’t sure that they’d still slot me in a French speaking country as I barely qualify for that designation with my “4 years of romantic language training” also known as high school Spanish.

I included in my email response that I am more than happy to do whatever I can in the time between now and if/when I am slotted to leave.  Once I know a definitive date, I plan on leaving my job, which would then allow me to complete more studies if necessary.

I’m curious to see how this affects my departure, if at all. I’m hopeful that I can either be slotted into a country without a language requirement or that they’ll let me take coursework after giving me an invitation.

Either way this is good news. The placement office is actively reviewing my file and hopefully I’ll be slotted into a program one way or another soon.


4 Responses to “More Progress”

  1. 1 kylenemichele
    August 11, 2010 at 00:25

    Congrats on moving through the process! I must say, I’m actually pretty jealous. I am currently nominated for a Pacific Island country leaving in October … aka, Tonga … but I haven’t heard anything from placement yet, at all. Technically, the 6 week mark is exactly two weeks from today, so I’m a bit nervous about not hearing yet. I called them today and when they looked up my file online they said I should be hearing something within the next two weeks. But what if there is paperwork and such they need? Isn’t that cutting it close?

    Anyway, the point of my ramble is that I’m super excited to hear that you are moving through the process and getting close to an invite (hopefully). I’ll keep looking out for blog updates from you to see where you end up.

    Yay Peace Corps :)

  2. 2 Scott
    August 11, 2010 at 09:22

    Thanks! I’ve seen lots of blogs where the invite process happens right at six weeks, and the whole turnaround process is literally a day or two, so don’t lose hope yet.

    Out of all of the different times during the application process where there’s waiting involved, this is definitely the hardest part because you see all of the staging deadlines come and go and you think about how your life would be in each of those often very different countries.

    Good luck and let me know where you end up!

    • 3 kylenemichele
      August 11, 2010 at 22:46

      I definitely will keep you updated on where I end up … you do the same for me! (my blog is http://kyvsworld.wordpress.com).

      I read your most recent post as well – looks like you’re getting closer! I’m jealous that you’re going to a French speaking country. I took French in high school and my first year in college and have a really good base, but they like to have your french background within six years and mine was seven years ago :( so I don’t think they’d consider me for that. Oh well … would have been nice!

      Anyway, I’ll keep up with your blog and cross my fingers that you get an invite soon!

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