Goodbye Hot Season – Hello Rainy Season

While there had been a few chance rains already, I think it’s time to make the call: rainy season has officially started, and should run through early September. I woke up yesterday morning to a light rain falling on me while sleeping outside. I quickly packed up my sleeping pad and tent and headed inside. Thankfully I made that move just in time as the light rain quickly turned into a downpour.

Today, I woke up at 4:30. Rain again? Not this time, but instead I woke up because I was cold. Glorious cold I tell you! Granted I was sleeping outside with no sheets and in just running shorts, but I’ll take what I can get. Even as I’m writing this I haven’t turned on the fan inside (yet).

Rainy season, so I’ve been told, will ease in over the next few months. Raining at first every 4-5 days, then gradually at shorter and shorter intervals until it is almost every day in August. But most importantly, the change in season signifies my ability to make it through hot season. Hot season was the one thing I was more worried about than any other aspect of life in Burkina.

And while I am ecstatic to have (somewhat) lower temperatures, there are a few detriments to rainy season as well. Life generally comes to a halt here when the rain is coming down. People don’t go outside, no one goes to work, and instead just patiently wait for the rain to stop. Another problem for me is that rainy season signifies the start of the planting season. It may be difficult to track down borrowers if they’re out in the fields. Lastly, there are a lot of dirt roads. Rain+dirt=mud. I think it’s going to be tough to keep clean.

Though cooler than the past few months, sadly rainy season does not mean “cold” season. Today’s high? An acceptable 104.


3 Responses to “Goodbye Hot Season – Hello Rainy Season”

  1. 1 debra hille
    May 26, 2011 at 03:28

    104 is acceptable? OMG, no wonder you were concerned about making it through the hot season. How humid is it with all that rain and heat?!

  2. 2 Scott
    May 26, 2011 at 18:14

    Ha, it’s all relative I suppose. Though I don’t think I’ll ever become used to it per say. There are some PCVs here who legitimately get cold when it’s under 90. Humidity actually doesn’t seem too bad actually, though maybe that’s because my other reference point, Washington DC, already set the bar pretty high as well!

    • May 31, 2011 at 15:41

      I take it all back. The humidity has started and is not so much fun. Last night, I couldn’t get any sleep (even being outside) as it was so humid. Ouch!

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