Friday Photo: City Style

Each Friday I’ll serve up a photo and give you the story behind it. This week, my stylish colleagues Abdramane and Bazzier.

Usually when one thinks of joining the Peace Corps, especially the Peace Corps in West Africa, one tends  to think of living in mud huts and wearing t-shirts and flip flops. And actually, that is the case here for many PCVs in Burkina Faso. But not if you’re me and not if these guys are your co-workers.

Though I dress more casually here than I did in the states, I can’t get away with anything too informal if I have to stand next to guys in suits. So, my uniform is pretty much an untucked button-up shirt with quickdry Northface pants and top-siders. I don’t look as slick as the rest of my colleagues, but I feel like I should get a little slack due to the fact that I have to bike 3k to the office in 115+ degree heat while everyone else cruises in on a moto.



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