Friday Photo: Apple in Africa

Each Friday I’ll serve up a photo and give you the story behind it. This week, a new friend wearing an Apple t-shirt.

I was having a rough day. It was mid-day and scorching outside. I had a lot of borrowers to meet. But my bike was not cooperating and I was on my third trip to the mechanic due to repeated flat or burst tires. While waiting for a new tire, another customer arrived and he was wearing this t-shirt.

Anyone who knows me back in America knows that I’m quite obsessed with any and every Apple product I can get my hands on. While there is a surprising amount of technology available here, Macs are basically non-existent outside of the PCV community. The only one I’ve seen so far is when I shared a taxi ride with a Burkinabe who works for the US embassy who surprised me with a Macbook Pro and a 4G iPhone. And while the whole practice of sending free or cheap t-shirts to developing countries has come into question recently, this shirt certainly brightened my day.



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