Top 10: Material Goods I Miss

Disclaimer – I live in a regional capital with electricity, water (kind of), and a population over 100,000, so I’m not living the “small village in a mud hut” life.

Adjusting to life in Burkina Faso has been a lot easier than I was expecting. The first couple of months were the toughest – especially getting up to speed on language and having my stomach get adjusted to the cuisine. But now that I’m passed that, I realize that life feels pretty normal to me. However, I miss a few material things (though I do have access to a few of these via thoughtful care packages). The list is in rough order of importance, but I think deciding the true order would be a fun conversation with a group of other PCVs.

  1. Being cold.
  2. Fast internet.
  3. A good bed.
  4. Deli meats.
  5. Dairy (cheese/milk).
  6. Spices.
  7. Good  liquor/beer/wine.
  8. More fruits & vegetables.
  9. Baked goods.
  10. Inside bathrooms.
This list actually took me a while to create, which I think is telling of how little I actually miss. And admittedly, many items are more of the “nice to have” variety. Also, most of this list would be crossed off if I lived in Ouaga and/or had an actual salary, though sadly there’s nothing I would ever be able to do about the temperature. Also, if this were a list of non-material goods, my true item #1 would be “being understood”.
And on the flip side, what I don’t miss – television, cars, and consumerism.


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