Read These – July Edition

Recommended reading:

  • Joshua Silver’s self-adjusting glasses for Africa.
  • Owen Barder: When we say that a quarter of the people in the developing world are living on less than $1.25 a day, we mean that they are living on the equivalent of what $1.25 would buy you in America.  Not what it would buy you in Mali.
  • The mercator projection (one of many, but the standard option of displaying a 3D globe as a 2D map) can also distort the true size of Africa.
  • Lifelens: an iPhone app that can help detect malaria.
  • The World Bank is opening up its most valuable resource – it’s data.
  • 6 months of breast milk is the best way for babies to get nutrients (and free), but many mistakenly believe that it  isn’t enough, and that, on a hot day, a child needs water as well.
  • Community-led sanitation by Robert Chambers to battle against the 2.6 billion people today who lack improved sanitation and the 1.1 billion defecate in the open.
  • Simpsons quotes for aid agencies.
  • Mosquitoes love beer drinkers.
  • Amazing infographic on Groupon deal data.


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