Peace Corps Photography Contest

Peace Corps is having a photography contest to help celebrate its 50th anniversary, and I want in. The contest categories are:

  1. Providing technical assistance
  2. Sharing American culture overseas
  3. Sharing overseas culture with Americans
  4. Photographic technical merit
Entries will be evaluated based on creativity, photographic quality, and effectiveness in conveying/representing one of the above-mentioned categories.
I sadly don’t have many photos that illustrate the themes of sharing cultures, or providing technical assistance for that matter (business meetings and accounting lectures aren’t the greatest photo subject). And even worse, my vacation prevents me from going out immediately to find some good photo opportunities. So until I get back to Burkina, just 2 weeks before the submission deadline, I’m trying to brainstorm some good shots with those criteria in mind. Perhaps I can do some good Burkina culture sharing with Americans while in the US as well?
I don’t see anything about a limit on submissions, but for the moment I’m currently planning on entering my current favorite – my host brother on his moto which I’ve included below. I would be curious to know if anyone out there thinks I should enter any other photos on the site. Check out my portraits, landscapes, or posts with the ‘photos’ tag and let me know what you think!


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