Friday Photo: Camp GLOW

Each Friday I’ll serve up a photo and give you the story behind it. This week, an image I took at last month’s Camp GLOW.

Burkina Faso PCVs recently hosted the 23rd instance of Camp GLOW (Girls Leading our World), a worldwide Peace Corps initiative. The camp, normally a week-long leadership training camp geared toward school-age females, was expanded to two weeks and to also include males. I had no involvement in the camp, but I was able to sit in one day during the girls week in Kaya. I was really impressed with the level of organization by my fellow PCVs and had the honor to listen in on a panel where I heard many incredibly moving speeches given about how women can establish successful careers in Burkina.

Perhaps what impressed me the most was the level of participation by the girls. The education system here does not usually encourage discussions and often when I teach I have to ask a question over and over before someone volunteers and answer. Not so at the camp. Almost every question resulted in many hands shooting up – snapping in a hope to be called on.

For an inside look at the camp and some of the cultural issues that came up, check out Hayley’s detailed blog post.



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