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Normally I wouldn’t be one to write something about the death of a celebrity or someone I’ve never met, but I can’t let today’s news of Steve Jobs’ death go by without mention. The visionary tech leader engaged in his profession with such passion that one couldn’t help but be drawn in. My hobby interest in technology and subsequent interest in business led me to follow every movement (and rumor) of Apple for the past 10 years while at the same time inspiring me to something great myself.

It was through Apple that I became thoughtful about the details of life. After using its products, one can’t help but look at other items in our daily lives and wonder why they aren’t better or different somehow. When I buy something, no matter how unimportant, I can’t help but think about the design considerations that did or didn’t go into the product and it’s materials. The font of a website, the shape of and the feel of the plastic handle of a tea kettle, or the way something is worded – they all matter. This attention to detail has infused itself into my conscious, and it’s that philosophy that permeates much of my life and work today. I’ll often put as just as much thought into the design aspect of my work as I do on the content (the info window for my map project, for example). Though somehow, at the same time, he was able to be a big picture guy. He had an uncanny ability to enter certain industries at the right time (while not choosing others) and delivering products that we never knew we wanted or thought possible.

Jobs also uniquely introduced the voice of the 1960’s for many in my generation who would of otherwise missed much of the thought from that era. And it was his constant thoughtfulness that always stood out to me as uniquely Steve, even in his famous one-line emails. I look forward to reading his upcoming authorized biography – hopefully it does his legacy justice. For now, I’m going to re-watch this:


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