Read These – October Edition

Recommended reading:

  • Lack of gender-equality gaps in developing countries is a big deal, and therefore development programs often target women. Here’s a counterpoint: instead focus on increasing total family income (read: man’s income), rather than women’s income as it has a better chance of increasing more in absolute terms and trickling down to the family. Not sure I agree, but interesting.
  • The Atlantic’s roundup of what people don’t get about my job, an intimate look into a variety of professions while trying to explain away common misconceptions. If I were to include a Peace Corps Volunteer entry it would be, “I’m not sacrificing as much as you think.”
  • PlaySay: learn a language using facebook. Love this idea and hope it’s well implemented.
  • There’s a global teacher shortage, and Burkina is in the 3rd worst shape in the world. See the data on the Guardian’s DataBlog.
  • Indian banks implement human ATMs to open up basic banking services to millions of rural Indians.
  • Skype and GPS technologies have allowed for humanitarianism from afar. Slate gives us the pros and cons.
  • Fellow Burkina PCV Valerie shares some pretty hilarious outtakes from her daily conversations in village.
  • I’ve somehow neglected to mention the amazingness of FanChaco – a frozen chocolate treat by FanMilk that’s sold for $0.33 by young kids in Ouaga who rove the city with portable coolers (side project: bring this to the East). Anywho, I stumbled upon this great blog post where a former Guinea PCV took up selling FanChaco as a part-time job in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He even made the front page of the local paper.
  • While in training, the newly minted PCVs made a fun video about our relationship with our ever present bikes.
  • Speaking of bikes, the Burkina Bike Tour blog and PCV Lauren have both put up a lot of previously unseen photos from the tour.
  • SEAWL Humor: Aid works love trainings. This one really hits close to home.
  • Fellow PCV Diana: fabric designer.
  • How to peal a head of garlic in under 10 seconds. Brilliant.
  • Anthony Bourdain’s interview in Playboy.


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