Friday Photo: Minister’s Visit

Each Friday I’ll serve up a photo and give you the story behind it. This week, a group shot from the minister’s visit to the east.

The Minister's (front row, second from left) visit.

A couple weeks back the Minister of Youth and Employment (which my micro-finance organization is a part of) came out to the East to announce some programmatic changes to how the ministry will be run in the future. The main theme was decentralization, which I understand to be a nationwide initiative to get more money and programs out into the regions rather than today’s disproportional share of resources staying in the capital.

I like this photo for a variety of reasons. Believe it or not, this was the best shot out of the four that were taken, and perfectly illustrates a number of cultural-isms relating to photos:

  1. It is almost impossible to get everyone looking in the same direction at the same time (and for the photographer to organize them).
  2. Pictures here are usually a serious affair so most everyone seems very solemn.
  3. A few of my colleagues on the left, however, were caught in their more natural state of laughing and joking. I wish this came through more often in photos as most here are incredibly outgoing and expressive.


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