By Scott

Applying for the Peace Corps is a long and trying process. There is a lot of waiting around and wondering about where you’ll be sent. Check out my application timeline below – hopefully it’ll give you a rough guide of the timing of the application process. As you can see, it’s a front-loaded process with lots of waiting time after you’ve sent everything in. Note that due to my decision to get LASIK just after my (first) medical clearance, my timeline diverts a bit from a more “typical” application.

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July – Decided to apply

August 11 – Submitted application and recommendations

August 14 – Contacted by local recruiter, set interview for August 27th

August 27 – Interview – my recruiter wants to nominate me, and has a few options for me to review

September 3 – Nominated to Francophone Sub-Sahara Africa leaving in July 2010

September 10 – Medical packet arrives

September 16-18 – Medical/dental/eye appointments

September 25 – Completed medical packet

October 5 – Medical packet received by Peace Corps

October 8 – Received PC request confirmation from my dentist that an old crown is still in good shape

October 14 – Peace Corps is currently reviewing my legal packet

October 18 – Peace Corps is currently reviewing my medical packet

October 20 – Received PC request for a missing polio booster

October 24 – Dentally cleared

October 28 – Had polio shot and faxed details to PC

October 30 – Notified that a decision had been made regarding my medical status

November 2 – Medically cleared

November 20 – Medical clearance removed due to my decision to get LASIK surgery

December 3 – LASIK Procedure – bad news, there were complications. Have to wait 4 months for my eye to heal and try again


April 15 – PRK Procedure – worked, but full healing may take months – PC policy is to wait 3 months before  re-clearing me

July 30 – Medically cleared again. Placement followed up regarding my legal/financial clearance

August 10 – Placement followed up regarding my French progress

August 14 – Invited to Burkina Faso

October 18 – Arrived in Burkina Faso

December 17 – Swore in as a Peace Corps Volunteer


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