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Read These – September Edition

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Read These – August Edition

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Burkina News: Rainy Season Links

A few articles to keep you posted on current events in-country.


Read These – July Edition

Recommended reading:

  • Joshua Silver’s self-adjusting glasses for Africa.
  • Owen Barder: When we say that a quarter of the people in the developing world are living on less than $1.25 a day, we mean that they are living on the equivalent of what $1.25 would buy you in America.  Not what it would buy you in Mali.
  • The mercator projection (one of many, but the standard option of displaying a 3D globe as a 2D map) can also distort the true size of Africa.
  • Lifelens: an iPhone app that can help detect malaria.
  • The World Bank is opening up its most valuable resource – it’s data.
  • 6 months of breast milk is the best way for babies to get nutrients (and free), but many mistakenly believe that it  isn’t enough, and that, on a hot day, a child needs water as well.
  • Community-led sanitation by Robert Chambers to battle against the 2.6 billion people today who lack improved sanitation and the 1.1 billion defecate in the open.
  • Simpsons quotes for aid agencies.
  • Mosquitoes love beer drinkers.
  • Amazing infographic on Groupon deal data.

Read These – June Edition

Recommended reading:

  • Remember The Bah Bah Bah Song?  It took home video of the week honors over at
  • NYT reports on US involvement in setting up “shadow” internet and cell networks. We’ve experienced similar outages here during protests.
  • How to reduce default on microfinance loans? Follow-up more often. Borrowers that met weekly with their lenders were three and a half times less likely to default on their loan than those who met monthly. My colleague and I are planning on doing just that with our borrowers here.
  • Nicholas Kristof: If we want to get more kids in school around the world, what could make more sense than building schools? How about deworming kids and doing more randomized controlled trials to see what really works.
  • Groupon just announced it’s IPO. My favorite part? “After selling out on our original mission of saving the world to start hawking coupons, in order to live with ourselves, we vowed to make Groupon a service that people love using.”
  • International workers love to talk about poop.
  • Development career advice from
  • Check out this virtual SLR simulator and see what you can do with all of those manual settings on your camera.

Read These – May Edition

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Protests, Continued

Burkina Faso has stayed in the international spotlight these last couple of days with another round military protests erupting in Ouagadougou. Here’s the BBC on the initial protests with its follow-up on the president’s decision to dissolve the government. Reuters has this overview of the situation, and United Press International speculates here.

PM update: Some Ouaga merchants strike back.

I’m back at site in the East, and away from most of the activity.


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