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Peace Corps Instructional Videos: Language & Latrines

Some BF PCVs put together some practical how-to videos about learning language and using latrines. Now you know.

Be sure to at least skip ahead to 1:35 for some awesome demonstrations of non-language communication.


Educating Through Song

Check out PCV Halley Brus’ educational songs on hand-washing and on vaccinations.


50th Anniversary Fair: More Video

I’ve already shown you some photos and an introductory video from our Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Fair last week in Ouagadougou, but check out these two new videos for a closer look into the fair (including a lot of individual PCV projects) plus a live performance by Floby of his new Peace Corps song.



Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Fair

Photo Credit: Hayley Droppert

The bike tour arrival and new volunteer swear-in were the kick-off events to a three day anniversary fair held in downtown Ouagadougou. The fair had a lot of booths (many of which were PCV partners), information sessions, music/dancing, a fashion show, and even American carnival games (including a dunk tank). Speeches by the Burkinabe First Lady, US Ambassador, and PC Country Director were followed by a concert by Floby, one of Burkina’s biggest music acts to close out the festivities.

Check out this video and some of my photos from the fair.


Fashion Shows – Video Montage

It’s graduation season, and I had the opportunity to attend two end of the year fashion shows for some local tailoring schools. Sadly I don’t have a zoom lens, so am without quality photos to show you. Instead I haphazardly put together a couple of the video clips I shot to try to give you a taste of the events.

You’ll see a couple of walks down the runway, a poetry reading (I think, but couldn’t understand her very well), and some traditional singing and dancing. Be on the lookout for playback (lip-syncing) towards the end (and will likely be the subject of a future more detailed post).

Added bonus: listen for the Celine Dion at the end, and realize that the same song was on repeat for the whole 2 hour runway segment of the show, I kid you not.


SingingNerd: One Year (a bike ride to school)

Fellow PCV John is out with a new video to commemorate his one year mark in Burkina (I’m at 9 months myself). Check it out, and see out how green it has become during rainy season.


New Skills: Dicing Mangos

I’ve already told you about the wonders of mango jam, but mangos are pretty darn good the natural way too. The key is preparing it the right way to avoid getting the sticky sweet fruit all over you. And when you do it well you come off like quite the chef. To help you learn the technique and impress your friends, I’ve made a handy stop motion instructional video. Though I really just made it because I wanted to have an excuse to try out  my newly downloaded copy of Windows Movie Maker. It’s no iMovie (I miss my Mac) but works. Hopefully this means more movies from me in the future.


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